About Dr Joseph V Russo

I was born and raised in Woodland Hills, California, and now reside in Laramie, Wyoming (or “Laradise” as we call it, for good reason), with my wife Cindy, our little schnauzer, Macy Mae, and Marcus the cat.

My first career was in business, for some 27 years.  I had one helluva run for those two and a half decades, and while I wasn’t always the best executive, I was certainly always the most eager.  In 2006, I shifted gears and entered the helping professions as a mental health counselor. I earned an MA in Educational Psychology in 2010 and a Doctorate (PhD) in Counselor Education and Supervision in 2016.

Those 27 years in business taught me a lot. I had a lot of great mentors – people like Ric Brutocao and Louise Martire, Jerry Kleeman at Vistage International, Gerry Klein at Brutoco and Klein, Attorneys at Law, Mike O’Hara and Dan Fowler at Microsoft.  They remain very much on my mind now that I’ve hit 60 and enter the last third of my life (my dad lived to almost 90 and my mom is in her mid-80s).  Those learnings are wasted if not put to good use helping those coming up behind.

It is in my roles as counselor and teacher, however, that I gain the greatest satisfaction in life. My doctoral dissertation focused on counselor ethics in the social media spaces. I teach part-time at the University of Wyoming, in the counselor education discipline as well as educational research and business.

Thanks again for coming by.  I would love to hear from you! And if you are one of those people who insist on “checking up on me,” welcome to you too! Let me know what you think!