Photographic Theme for UK 2017 – Lanes

We arrived unharmed in London early on Monday morning and proceeded to drive north toward Scotland. I ran out of fuel before the car did, so we took a room at a Holiday Inn Express dear Darlington, England.

On the flight over, Cindy and I decided that, like our friend Fenice did on a trip to Australia in 2014, I would adopt a photographic theme while in the UK. She had decided on windmills. I decided on “lanes:” Freeway lanes, bowling lanes, country lanes, bike lanes, immigration lanes, “stay in lane,” illegal lane changes,” and so on and so forth.

And wouldn’t you know it? The first real example of lanes during the trip occurred Heathrow immigration where lane after lane of people waited to be processed by some of the slowest immigration officers on the planet. Turns out, they were engaged in a work “slow down,” which may not differ very much from when they actually engage in work, fast or slow, but the lanes were crowded as a result. Sadly, photos were not allowed.

There is a section of Brighton in the south east of England that is called The Lanes. Leftover from Medieval Times, the Lanes are a collection of shops and restaurant tucked into an older section of the City. Long past their prime, The Lanes should be demolished and replaced with a modern parking structure. But I digress.

These are the lanes I mean. Lanes exist throughout the UK. This is the theme of the photographs I shall be taking on this trip.

Stay tuned.

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Born and raised in Woodland Hills, California; now residing in Laramie, Wyoming (or "Laradise" as we call it, for good reason), with my wife Cindy, our little schnauzer, Macy Mae, and a cat named Markie. I hold a BBA from Cal State Northridge and an MBA from the University of Nevada at Reno. My first career was in business, for some 25+ years. In 2007, I shifted gears and entered the helping professions as a mental health counselor. I earned an MA in Educational Psychology and a Doctorate (PhD) in Counselor Education and Supervision. In my spare time I enjoy mentoring young and not-so-young business and non-profit executives as they go about growing their businesses and presence. I also teach part-time at the University of Wyoming, in both the Colleges of Education and Business.
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2 Responses to Photographic Theme for UK 2017 – Lanes

  1. Sandy Stein says:

    Enjoy. Keep photo journaling…. I am traveling vicariously.
    Sandy Stein 🙂

  2. Jerry Kleeman says:

    Have a great trip Russo’s. Take some time and enjoy the slow lane!

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