AdelaideJoe! This picture was taken on Kangaroo Island in South Australia in 2014, not far from where we lived at the time in Adelaide. I had just purchased this hat – made of Kangaroo leather – and was feeling especially stylish.

Many thanks for coming by. I established this page in May of 2016, shortly after quitting both Facebook and LinkedIn.  I had grown tired of the inanity of Facebook and, candidly, the overall uselessness of LinkedIn.

And I wanted a place to rant.

Call it my Mad Money Blog – you know, that leftover money you can spend on anything anywhere just because you can afford to lose it? Well, the things I say here may be offensive to some and gratifying to others, and you know what? I am happy either way!

What you will find here is information on who I am, what I offer, and the occasional blog post. My dissertation — entitled “The Effects of Social Media Marketing on Help-Seeking Behavior” — is now available for download via ProQuest Dissertations.  The work concerns itself with how a therapist’s web presence — specifically their social media claims as to numbers of Likes, Followers, and Pluses — could persuade or potentially dissuade help-seekers from ultimately making contact with that therapist.

If anything that I write intrigues you, offends, pleases, or is somehow off-putting to you, would you let me know? And if you are one of those people who like to “check up” on what I am writing, for whatever purpose you may have, please discuss your conclusions with me first. Would you do me that courtesy? Last I checked, this is not (yet) Nazi Germany.

Again, thank you for visiting. Drop me a line any time on josephvrusso@outlook.com

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