Many thanks for coming by. I set this page up in May of 2016, shortly after quitting both Facebook and LinkedIn.  I had grown tired of the inanity of Facebook and, candidly, the overall uselessness of LinkedIn (it had never done anything for me, yet my mere presence was boosting their stock price, boosted that is by the count of active users, as was the case in Zuckerberg’s Facebook).  And I wanted a place to rant. Call it my Mad Money Blog – you know, the money you can spend on anything anywhere just because you can afford to lose it? Well, the things I say here may be offensive to some and gratifying to others, and you know what? I am happy either way!

What you will find here is information on who I am, what I offer, and the occasional blog post. In addition, my dissertation — entitled “The Effects of Social Media Marketing on Help-Seeking Behavior” — is now available for download!  It concerns itself with how a therapist’s web presence — specifically their social media claims as to numbers of Likes, Followers, and Pluses — could persuade or potentially dissuade help-seekers from ultimately making contact with that therapist.

You may download the dissertation by clicking on the button below:

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Again, thank you for visiting. Drop me a line any time on josephvrusso@outlook.com

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